Indiana Art Association Announces Spring Show Awards

After being cancelled last year due to the pandemic, The Indiana Art Association recently held its 78th Annual Spring Show at The Artists Hand Gallery in Indiana.  The  members only exhibition was juried by Kim Williams, a Johnstown painter and journalist. Janie Leck-Grela, new IAA President, thanked the membership and community for their support of local artists. She said, “As we are finally able to come together and celebrate each other and showcase our talents, I know there will be many opportunities for us to grow as an organization and as individuals.”

The following awards were announced:

Best of Show—Candace Joseph—“Bang”

Professional 1st Place—Jolene Joyner, “Peonies and the Pink Cup”

Professional 2nd Place—Lou Ann Gallaner, “Thunder Cloud”

Professional 3rd Place—Janie Leck-Grela, “Cacti”

Non-Professional 1st Place—Elle Wood, “Heart Akimbo”

Non-Professional 2nd Place—Sharon Boykiw, “Skeptical”

Non-Professional 3rd Place—Faye Kershishnik, “Two Apples”

Professional Photography 1st Place—Cheri Widzowski, “Swana’s Violin”

Professional Photography 2nd Place—Joy Fairbanks, “Anthurium”

Non-Professional Photography 1st Place—Matthew Bartus, “Spain #1”

Non-Professional Photography 2nd Place—JD Varner, “Americana”

David Young Memorial Photography Award—Fred Hummel, “Perserverance”


Congratulations to all!

Thank you to Cheri Widzowski Photography for the excellent photos of the exhibit.