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The Indiana Art Association (IAA) holds two formal shows each year—the Spring Show (at Artist Hand Gallery) and the Open Arts Show (Held in November at the Historical and Genealogical Society ).

The same entry form and labels can be used for both shows. Form and labels are available on the IAA website at
Additionally, a mailing—email for members with email and postal mail to members who do not have email—will be sent prior to each show.
Only IAA members with paid dues for the current year are eligible to enter the ANNUAL SHOW. The SPRING SHOW is now called the ANNUAL SHOW.
You may pay these dues using the show entry form or by visiting the IAA web site at
Contact IAA Treasurer Dayas Silvis if you have questions about your membership status at: or call IAA President Janie Grela at 719 688-6498.
For the OPEN ARTS SHOW, anyone is eligible to enter—both members and   

non-members. Of course, it is hoped that non-members will choose to join the IAA.
You do not need to be an Indiana County resident to enter either show.
In addition to the AnnualShow, Open Arts Show and our dedicated wall at The Artists Hand Gallery, IAA provides opportunities for members to occasionally exhibit work at various community locations. If you’d like more info on these opportunities, please contact Member, Tom Arthurs at


ANNUAL SHOW and OPEN ARTS SHOW Entry Guidelines:

PLEASE NOTE: the Artist Hand has s different commission structure in ADDITION to the IAA portion. Please see Artists Hand for more details . 

● Must be an IAA member with dues current (for Annual Show only).
● Each member may enter one (1) or two (2) pieces of artwork. This applies to both the Annual and Open Arts shows.
● All work must be original—created entirely by the person who signs it. Unacceptable entries include copies of another artist’s work, giclees, reproductions, paintings based on another artist’s photograph, kits and molds. As verbal critique is one of the best ways to learn and improve, artwork done during classes will be accepted as long as the student alone did ALL of the actual work.
● Artwork must not be more than five (5) years old.
● Two-dimensional work must be properly framed, wired, and ready for hanging. Wire should be attached to the frame 1/3 from the top and not show above the frame.
● If unframed, sides must be finished as part of the artwork.
● Maximum size is 36” in any dimension. Please contact the Vice-President about opportunities to exhibit larger works elsewhere.
● No wet paintings will be accepted.
● No entry that has been previously entered in any judged IAA show, regardless if the work was award-winning or not, is permitted.
● Entries must be suitable for family viewing.
● All artwork should be labeled with the temporary labels provided in the mailing or printed from the website. Other labeling containing all of the required info may be acceptable.
● Only entries accompanied by the appropriate form, fee, labels and following these guidelines will be qualified for entry and judging.

All works will be judged; no works will be juried out of the show.
All media within a category will be accepted and MAY BE grouped together for judging. The decision between professional and non-professional categories is left up to the artist. HOWEVER, if it is known that you meet the criteria for professional and you enter below your qualifications, you will be asked to enter professional. If you meet two or more of the criteria listed for professional you should enter professional.

● Professional—Sells art on a regular basis; has formal training such as college art study; attends professional art workshops; shows work in galleries regularly; works in the field; or is a member of a professional organization.
● Non-professional—All other entrants except student IAA members.
● Photography—Professional - Sells photography on a regular basis; has formal training such as college art study; attends professional art workshops; shows work in galleries regularly; works in the field; or is a member of a professional organization.
● Photography—Non-Professional - all other photography entries.
● Student—Students through grade 12 who are IAA members.

Delivery of Artwork
● Artwork drop off and pick up will be different for each exhibit. IAA cannot be responsible to hold artwork. IAA is not responsible for any damages to artwork before, during or after the exhibit.
● If someone else is dropping off artwork for you, please ensure that they have your registration form, payment and properly wired and framed artwork—with temporary labels attached.
● Please do not drop off artwork with just anyone at the venue/gallery unless prior arrangements were made with the president or treasurer of IAA. We will not be held accountable for any damaged or lost works if arrangements are not made prior.

Accountability & Liability
All entries must hang for the entire duration of the show. Precautions will be taken to safeguard your work; however, neither the IAA nor host site will be responsible for loss or damage.

For the Annual and Open Arts shows, work should be priced for sale or marked Not For Sale (NFS). For all other exhibit opportunities, work should be priced for sale.
The IAA retains a 15% commission on the price of any artwork sold from an exhibition/show that is IAA-sponsored. Proceeds from artwork sales are used to fund the scholarship account.
An additional commission may be retained on behalf of a co-sponsoring organization. For
example, with exhibition on the IAA wall at The Artists Hand Gallery, IAA will retain 15%, The Artists Hand will retain 35% and the Artist will retain 50% commission on the works sold. Other community exhibit venues may differ. Please contact the vice-president if you have questions.



● Unsold artwork must be picked up at the site promptly and only during the announced pickup date/time.
● Please make arrangements to have your artwork picked up if you are unable to do so. If someone else is picking up your artwork, please notify either the IAA president or treasurer ahead of time (a phone call will do). For your safety we will not release artwork to just anyone.

Amount of Annual Show and Open Arts awards are based on the number of entries received.
We cannot list our award amounts in advance. The more entries we receive—the better the awards.

If you would like to be listed in our Annual Show or Open Arts programs as a PATRON, you may
donate as little as $5. These donations help cover costs and awards for our Spring and Open Arts shows. The entry form provides this option and all donations are appreciated.

Scholarship Donation
At the suggestion of the members, we’ve added this option to show registration forms. If you would like to donate to the IAA Scholarship fund, you can do so using this form. Each year, IAA gives a scholarship to one eligible Indiana County senior who is pursuing art as a career after high school. This award is given at the Spring Show.

To print the entry from, click on the print icon at the top of the PDF. If you have trouble, contact to get the form via email. 

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