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Hello, thank you for your interest in supporting IAA. 
We hope you will consider joining the group and becoming an active member.

Tax Deductible donations are always appreciated and can be sent in $10 increments. 


The purpose of the organization is to promote interest, appreciation and participation in the arts. We aim to stimulate the artistic growth and development of our members as individual artists through encouragement, education, exhibition of work, and exchange of ideas. It is our desire to motivate public interest in the arts and function as aesthetically wise consumers and citizens ourselves. 
We hold two exhibits a year: The Annual Show at Artist Hand in June and the Open Arts Show at the Historical Society in November, and community exhibition spaces where artists can sell work.


We offer classes at the Artist Hand and an arts camp for youth. IAA also offers an annual scholarship to young artists studying for a careeer in arts. Please support us!


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