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Click the link below to join the Indiana Art Association. Family and Individual Memberships Available!  


President: Faye Kershishnik

Vice President: Sharon Boykiw
Secretary: Cindi Kordell

Treasurer: Dayas Silvis


Publicity: Pam Sagely

Programs & Classes: Faye Kershisnik

History: Julieann Knox

Scholarship: Julieann Knox

Newsletter: Kevin Wolford

Membership: Jon Cooper

Exhibits: Sharon Boykiw

Youth & Education: Trish Dodson

Website & Social Networking: Beth Wheeler

Nominating: Angela Pinizzoto

Finance: Dayas Silvis

Member at Large: 
William Double


View Our Work

The Artists Hand:
Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 9AM to 5PM

Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

1019 Philadelphia Street

Monday through Thursday, 8AM to 5PM

Friday 8AM to 4PM

Other Community Exhibition spaces include:

Back to Nature 

2450 Warren Rd 

If you would like to exhibit your work, please contact the Exhibits Chair Person. 


About Us

The Indiana Art Association was conceived to share the love of art and encourage and nurture growth together with other artists.

Our Mission:

The purpose of the organization is to promote interest, appreciation and participation in the arts. We aim to stimulate the artistic growth and development of our members as individual artists through encouragement, education, exhibition of work and exchange of ideas. It is our desire to motivate public interest in the arts and function as aesthetically wise consumers and citizens ourselves.

Anyone interested in art is eligible for membership whether he/she is a practicing artist or not.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

-Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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IAA By-Laws

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